Manara Beach Resort
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Bentota Lagoon

Sri Lanka’s most famous beach resort has a beautiful succession of gentle, curved bays backed by the large lagoon of the Bentota River. The finest beaches in Sri Lanka start from here and go southwards.

Some of the island’s most luxrious beach hotels are located at Bentota. The resort consists of 3 parts. The northern area (Beruwala) has a busy fisheries harbour. Alutgama in the middle has lovely reef protected beaches with shallow seas that are ideal for sea bathing. At the southern end, the exquisite lagoon of the Bentota River is the perfect setting for watersports. Bentota itself is the part to the south of the lagoon bridge and includes the famous Golden Mile Beach that lies on a sliver of land between the lagoon and the Indian Ocean. Further south is a stretch of natural beach vegetation and coconut groves that hide a myriad of Sri Lanka’s most exclusive boutique and villa hotels.