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Kechimalai Mosque

Kechimalai Mosque is located at the end of the port of Beruwala, on the southwest coast. The mosque is built at the spot where the ancestors of Sri Lanka’s Muslim community, landed in 1024 AD, and made it their most important & historic settlement in the island.

It is of ancient Arabic architecture, as it stands tall and white upon a rock, surrounded by swaying coconut palms. Viewed from the Galle Road, it looks picturesque. The history of “Ketchimalai” mosque, goes back generations, and with its myths and legends lay hidden also many tales. One of them is the civilization that was created around this mosque. In the 12th century, a vessel came ashore on the South West of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) at Ketchimalai, Beruwala, with seven members of the royal family of Hadramouth, Yemen. Sultan Ashraff Waliullah, his five brothers and a sister.